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Initially focusing on Weddings, Proms and Parties, Nerdy Boy Productions LLC found their niche with Brides & Grooms who were redefining style by putting emphasis on Wedding DJs. As this new standard gained popularity so did Nerdy Boy Productions LLC, and soon they established a reputation as one of the finest DJ companies in Alabama, offering professional wedding DJs that are unparalleled. Nerdy Boy Productions LLC is one of the most reputable and exclusive DJ companies in Alabama. We run every part of the process ourselves (booking, planning, DJ'ing) and we never outsource our services. It is this personal involvement that separates us from numerous other excellent DJ Companies as the ones who put true passion into what we are doing and a personal touch in your event!

Nerdy Boy Productions LLC is committed to consistently offering an outstanding experience. Our talents allow us to facilitate the planning of your wedding, to help you choose the most appropriate music, to coordinate the schedule, and of course to DJ on the day! In addition we can take your wedding to the next level with unbelievable lighting. Breathtaking examples of our event lighting expertise can be seen on our YouTube channel. Our utmost goal is to make sure that your wedding and reception are successful; we have the expertise to make this happen!

Wedding DJ Tips

Even the most versatile and talented band on earth could never provide the range of songs and performers that a disc jockey can. The best way to find a disc jockey is through referrals from friends who have had a good experience using one; you can also ask your wedding coordinator, caterer, photographer, florist, or banquet manager for referrals.

What to look for

Since most disc jockeys' music libraries are huge, you will rarely find musical reasons to hire one DJ or service over another. Focus instead on credentials and references. Ask about rates; if they are considerably lower than the industry norm ($800 to $2,000 for a four-hour event), there may be a reason. If they are higher, ask for justification.

Meeting with the DJ

Never hire a DJ you haven't met in person. This is your opportunity to assess his personality and style. Viewing a videotape of a disc jockey's work can be helpful, but you must bear in mind that what you are viewing has been edited to include only the most flattering material.

Equipment and backup plans

A professional disc jockey will bring professional digital equipment, not just an impressive home system. In addition to a dual-CD player to ensure continuous music and a good-quality amplifier and speakers, a disc jockey should be equipped with a wireless microphone for announcements and toasts. Make sure that the DJ has adequate backups because equipment failures, though rare, can occur.

Selecting the music

When you meet with a disc jockey, he will generally give you a list of his most requested tracks -- often ranging from several hundred to a thousand titles -- from which you can select songs. You should also feel free to add any favorites that may not be included in his library. You can either supply them yourself or ask the DJ to purchase the CDs. At most weddings, requests from guests will be encouraged, unless you direct otherwise. But tell your disc jockey about any songs, or even genres of music, you don't want played (even if requested).

Booking the DJ

Try to book a DJ at least six months ahead of your wedding day. You should both sign a detailed contract specifying all logistics of the reception: date, location, time (including setup time; one hour prior to the start of the event is the norm), and projected length. Other things the contract should do is stipulate price and overtime charges (with a guarantee that the disc jockey will not leave for another event if you need him to stay beyond the scheduled end of the reception); list the sound equipment the DJ will be using and specify that backup equipment and personnel are available; and indicate that the disc jockey is covered by liability insurance. It could even spell out what the disc jockey is expected to wear.


Have a question about Nerdy Boy Productions?

Question Answer
Will you have the songs we will want for our event? More than likely yes! We currently have over 107,891 songs in our catalog.
How do I pay my final balance? You can always revisit the original invoice you where sent when you paid your deposit. If you do not have an invoice please email us at requesting to pay your balance in full.
Do you have clean versions of songs? Yes. We have clean versions (Radio Edits) of many songs, especially certain genres.
Do you travel out of town? Yes. We travel the entire state of Alabama and Out-of-State as well.
Do you have a water-based fog machine? Yes.
Can we meet the person who will be actually working my event before we sign a contract? Yes. We meet all customers before the date of their event.
Will you work with my playlist AND my do not play list? Of course! We want to play what you want to hear.
Will your equipment allow you to mix one song into another so that there are no breaks in between songs? Yes. We use the latest DJ equipment on the market made for DJ’s.
Will you take breaks? If so, what happens during the breaks? No! We never take breaks during your event. “The music never stops.”
Will you take requests during the wedding? Absolutely! We encourage it.
Will you act as emcee and announce the cake cutting, first dance, toasts, etc? Can someone else act as emcee? Yes. Every member of our team is a great emcee.
How many weddings do you DJ each year? Will you have another event on the same day? 100 or more weddings per year, and we have a large staff to handle multiple events at once. All members of our team are highly trained DJ’s, Emcees, and Wedding DJ Specialist.
Have you worked at our reception site before? More then likely yes. Ask for references.
Do your prices include the sound system, speakers, wireless microphone for the toasts? Yes. All wedding packages come with those basic items.
How current is your music collection? Our music collection is updated every Friday with the latest music you hear on the radio.
What if we really want to hear songs that aren’t in your music collection? Any songs we don’t currently have we will purchase them.
Will you advertise your services to our guests? Will you be discrete? Never! We rely on our quality of service to speak louder then an advertisement or banner.
What do you wear as a wedding DJ? We wear what the Bride and Groom feel matches the Wedding the best. In most cases how ever we will wear our business uniforms. Which consist of black or white company polo, or button up, and black or khaki pants.

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