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Nerdy boy Productions LLC – The Best in Pro Audio & Video design and installation! We have extensive experience working with churches, schools and business clients on the design and installation of sound systems, video systems, video production, lighting systems, room acoustics and new construction projects. At Nerdy Boy Productions LLC every project is unique and every client is important. Large or Small! If you are planning or considering a new Audio / Video system please contact us today for a free quote.

Audio is a critical component to any production system. If your crowed can't hear whats going on then your message is lost. You want your crowed to hear everything load and clear and with a professionally installed Load Speaker System this is not a problem. Don't let your message be lost to poor sound, let us help keep your message and production stay alive with sound that's Loud and Clear to understand.

We specialize in constructing or repairing large and small sound systems. We offer free consultations for all projects. Training is also available for systems we install or systems we have not. Our team will assess your location and recommend solutions that will greatly improve your sound systems performance.

No production is complete without Lighting. A great light show can greatly impact your production by adding mood to the stage visually. let us help you make your production come alive with lighting.

So if your ready to make your next production breathtaking visually give us a call. Our team of lighting professionals will help you make your lighting dreams come true and offer recommendations on equipment that will make your dreams a reality!

The worst feeling is buying a new sound system and expecting things to sound great but there’s a problem not with the sound system but the acoustics of your room. We understand acoustics and how it impacts your sound quality and performance. Great speakers sound great when the room there located in is acoustically complimenting them.

Don’t throw your money away thinking your speakers are bad instead call us and let us determine if the room your speakers are in needs acoustic treatment. The best part is we will assess your room for free! Our team of acousticians will make your sound system or room sound better!

Brands We Carry

  • JBL
  • Crown
  • AKG
  • DBX
  • Gator Cases
  • Link USA Cable
  • QSC
  • Sennheiser
  • Lexicon
  • American DJ
  • Global Truss
  • Elation Professional
  • Mark Levinson
  • K&M
  • If you don't see the brand you want still give us a call! We might can get just what you want.

See Our Work

Boaz High School Football Stadium
Corley Elementary School
Snead State Community College Administration Building
Blessing Church of Christ
Boaz High School New GYM
Union Grove Baptist Church

Above are just a few of the installations we have done since we started in 2012. Some clients have ask that we not post there install photos.