Have a question about Nerdy Boy Productions?

Question Answer
Will you have the songs we will want for our event? More than likely yes! We currently have over 115,695 songs in our catalog.
How do I pay my final balance? You can always revisit the original invoice you where sent when you paid your deposit. If you do not have an invoice please email us at info@nerdyboyproductions.com requesting to pay your balance in full.
Do you have clean versions of songs? Yes. We have clean versions (Radio Edits) of many songs, especially certain genres.
Do you travel out of town? Yes. We travel the entire state of Alabama and Out-of-State as well.
Do you have a water-based fog machine? Yes.
Can we meet the person who will be actually working my event before we sign a contract? Yes. We meet all customers before the date of their event.
Will you work with my playlist AND my do not play list? Of course! We want to play what you want to hear.
Will your equipment allow you to mix one song into another so that there are no breaks in between songs? Yes. We use the latest DJ equipment on the market made for DJ’s.
Will you take breaks? If so, what happens during the breaks? No! We never take breaks during your event. “The music never stops.”
Will you take requests during the wedding? Absolutely! We encourage it.
Will you act as emcee and announce the cake cutting, first dance, toasts, etc? Can someone else act as emcee? Yes. Every member of our team is a great emcee.
How many weddings do you DJ each year? Will you have another event on the same day? 100 or more weddings per year, and we have a large staff to handle multiple events at once. All members of our team are highly trained DJ’s, Emcees, and Wedding DJ Specialist.
Have you worked at our reception site before? More then likely yes. Ask for references.
Do your prices include the sound system, speakers, wireless microphone for the toasts? Yes. All wedding packages come with those basic items.
How current is your music collection? Our music collection is updated every Friday with the latest music you hear on the radio.
What if we really want to hear songs that aren’t in your music collection? Any songs we don’t currently have we will purchase them.
Will you advertise your services to our guests? Will you be discrete? Never! We rely on our quality of service to speak louder then an advertisement or banner.
What do you wear as a wedding DJ? We wear what the Bride and Groom feel matches the Wedding the best. In most cases how ever we will wear our business uniforms. Which consist of black or white company polo, or button up, and black or khaki pants.