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Nerdy Boy Productions started as a passion, a passion for Music. Music is our lives and we needed a vehicle to be able to share our passion with others. What better way than through a Mobile DJ Service? What started out as a small dance driven venture has boomed into a full-blown Production, DJ, Installation, and Consulting Company and just recently we added Professional Audio-Video and Lighting Equipment Retailer to our list.

Whether you are planning a small Birthday Party, a Prom, a Wedding, a Corporate Meeting or Concert. Call Us! Need a Sound or Lighting System Installed in a Meeting Room, Sanctuary, or Commercial Space? Call Us! Looking to purchase Audio, Video or Lighting Equipment, Cables or Connectors? Call Us! Nerdy Boy Productions Are Retailers for several Major Audio, Video, Lighting and Production Accessory Companies.

At Nerdy Boy Productions, we pride ourselves in the fact that we not only provide an Affordable Professional Service, but also have left every event with Abundantly Satisfied Customers. Ask for References!

School Dances

We specialize in school related events like Proms, Football Games, and Dances. We only play clean edited music for school related events period. We also take request from students but only play the request if its clean. Rest assured with Nerdy Boy Productions at your next school event it will be fun and exciting for your students.


1. Nerdy Boy Productions DJs are highly experienced. We perform more often because we’ve earned the reputation of being the area’s best private party DJ service. Even though we have over 30 years combined experience, we believe the best measurement of experience is how often we actually perform.

2. Nerdy Boy Productions DJs are “pros”. Our DJs only use top-of-the-line equipment. We provide the special music you ask for, and we ensure our DJs have broad musical selections appropriate for your event. We are dedicated to providing the most professional service at each point of contact.

3. Nerdy Boy Productions delivers what we promise. When you book Nerdy Boy Productions to play that special song, handle an important announcement or bring certain equipment, you can rest assured that is exactly what will happen. You can be confident that your Nerdy Boy Productions DJs will show up on time with properly functioning equipment… we even bring back-up equipment to every event.

4. Nerdy Boy Productions displays no advertising. We don’t use your party to promote our business. Because we do a good job, you’ll probably tell your guests who we are when/if they ask. We don’t want to spoil the beauty of the location by hanging promotional signs. We do take it as a compliment when your guests ask for our business card.

5. Nerdy Boy Productions gives you musical flexibility. With our ever-expanding musical library on CDs and digital files, we can mix music to the taste of any crowd. We also provide you with an online account to help plan your music and make song requests ahead of time. Also, you and your guests are more than welcome to make requests at the event.

6. Nerdy Boy Productions uses high-quality, professional equipment. Top of the line models from name brands such as Numark, Crown, DBX, Gator Cases, Elation, American DJ, Chauvet, and JBL cost us more, but the difference in audio fidelity is worth it. We play our high quality music on laptops for crystal clear sound.

7. Nerdy Boy Productions dresses for the occasion. Because we understand how important good taste is for a formal function such as a wedding, we dress to match the formality of your guests. For most events our DJs will wear a collared shirt, tie and dress pants. If you prefer, for more casual functions, our DJs can dress to your specifications.

8. Nerdy Boy Productions robust backup plan is like DJ insurance. We have an impressive track record of being at the right place at the right time. Yet even though our DJs are extremely responsible, we prepare ahead of time for the rare possibility of an emergency. Our equipment is maintained in excellent condition, and each Nerdy Boy Productions DJ brings a full extra sound system, including an extra amplifier, extra speakers, an extra mixer and extra CD players. As additional backup, our office has working relationships with other area-experienced DJs. No one else backs up like we do. Furthermore, our contract serves as a money-back guarantee. Nerdy Boy Productions won’t let you down.

9. Nerdy Boy Productions specializes in one thing: professional DJs for parties. And we do it better than anyone else! We monitor our performers through client follow-up, observation and other strict quality control measures to ensure our DJs live up to our high standards. We measure success one event at a time.

10. Nerdy Boy Productions will listen to you. We will work with you to ensure your event is a complete musical success. Most of our clients have never hired a DJ before, and we take this into account when discussing your event with you. We never tell you “how it has to be done”… after all, it’s your event. We offer suggestions based on our experience and we work hard to make sure each client is 100% happy at all times with the level and quality of our service.